Winter/Spring 2016 Season - Needs Updating

Below are the competition dates, times to register, links and deadlines for registration.  
Please let me know which competitions you are attending.
I would prefer you register all at once so then the proper Rec Center paper work can be filled out ahead of time.

There is a lot of information below so please read carefully....

1.       February 7th – NJ State Collegiate Indoor Championships
Line time – 12pm
Atlantic Cape Community College
Registration due February 4thMail inNeed USA Membership = No

2.       February 13th – 2016 New Jersey State Indoor Championships, South Brunswick Township
Hosted by WaXoBe Archers
53 Major Road, Monmouth junction, NJ 08852Registration due February 6th - OnlineNeed USA Membership = Yes

3.       February 20th – FITA Archers of Pennsylvania 2016 Indoor State Championship
Lancaster Archery Supply
2195 – A Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, PA 17602
Registration due February 8th – Mail inNeed USA Membership = YesDocument is attached****Notice: The third competition has changed.  This is due to the original competition being in Murraysville, PA...  This is 5 hours away...  The same competition is two weeks before in Lancaster which is more feasible!  Sorry for any inconvenience. 

4.       March 11,12,13 – 47th US National Indoor & 2016 JOAD Indoor Championships
Harrisonburg, Virginia
****DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS EVENT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE****The decision on whether or not we will be competing here will be based on the overall skill level of the competition team and willing to travel.  You will be ranked nationwide against hundreds of other archers in this competition.  You will hear from me soon in regards to this comp after receiving your feedback.

***FOR MAIL IN – I will be sending out my registration for both mail in competitions on February 4th.  So if you want to save on postage and not have to worry about a refund for competitions 1 & 3 (Jeremy will write a single check for everyone going in the envelope so there is only a single refund to him, costing you guys nothing, and making it easier) email me or hand me your filled out registration asap.

If you sign up for a competition and the club's fees are used and something happens where you will not be able to attend, you must pay back the team.  So please make sure you are able to commit prior to signing up. 

It also comes highly recommended that you are practicing at least twice a week, especially since most of our competitions are back to back weekends.  You do not have to compete in all of them, but practice makes perfect!  I will also be hitting the gym at least once a week and going to one of the offered workout classes at the rec-center because one of them, PiYo, works out the shoulder blades and back immensely.  I know... strange and hard to find!   If you are interested in joining me please let me know!

***A reminder about refunds - Once you pay online make a copy of your digital receipt and a copy of the credit card you used.  You will then return this information either to me or our treasurer Jeremy Choyce (  If you register for all your competitions at once, under the same card, only one copy of your card is required.  It is YOUR responsibility to get this information to us so you can get refunded. The reimbursements take about 2-3 weeks and will be mailed to the address that you give us.  I will be collecting home addresses at tonight’s meeting.  You can also get it sent to your Rowan address, but I hear that the mail system can be unreliable.  Completely up to your preference!

If you have any questions, please re-read the email before contacting me as it might've been addressed previously.