About Us

Welcome to Rowan Archery Sports Club!

     We were founded in the Spring semester of '13 as a small group, but we've collectedly grown to a 20-30 person team! We are a co-ed sports team looking for new members of all skill levels. We currently shoot at Bangers Sports Shop in Winslow, NJ. It's a 15-20 minute ride from Rowan University but we always coordinate a car pool to get there. If you're interested in our competition team? Check the tab to see if any events sound right for you!

More details can be found by contacting us but we currently have three levels of participation

Level 1 - Never shot a bow? Want to learn? Or have you shot before but don't have your own equipment? Level 1's consist of new to the sport archers who are possibly testing the waters, or just havent saved up enough to purchase their own equipment yet. This consists of basic training by one of the Club's officers during practice, along with the use of our rental equipment we maintain for the teams use.

Level 2 - Have your own equipment? Just want to come out and shoot once and awhile? Level 2's consist of people using their own equipment in the club to participate in practices. This is the level where you enjoy what you do, and want to spend some time with people who share a common interest in Archery. Officers may offer you tips and tricks if you're interested, but its assumed, unless said, that you know the basics. 

Level 3 - Have your own equipment? Have that fire in your eyes? Do you like to win? Did I stutter? Level 3's consist of the Archery Club's Competitive team. Now that doesn't mean you're the best of the best, but it means you're dedicated to the sport enough to come out on weekends to different competitions throughout the year. Much like level 2's, we assume you know the basics, but tips and tricks are always offered. Even the pros have an off day or something that they need to tweak. 

Current Practice Times for Fall 2016
In Debate - got a 3 hour time slot? Suggest it!